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Home-cooked still tastes best – we know! That’s why you’ll find a variety of delicious recipes for every skill level. No matter if you see yourself as a kitchen beginner or if you already perceive your kitchen knife as your extended arm.

very simple
Green asparagus with fine ham
very simple
Gratinated green asparagus
Simple onion tart with bacon
French fries from the pot
Sauce hollandaise

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Whether you’re hosting a small party or just want to enjoy a great drink, it’s always beneficial to have a few essential cocktail recipes on hand to impress your guests. That’s why you’ll find here a list of my most popular cocktail recipes that you can make yourself in no time. You’re sure to find the right cocktail for any occasion, from a relaxed drink with friends to a sophisticated cocktail for a dinner party.

very simple
Vodka* Lemon
Portuguese sangria
Mint Julep
Original margarita

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