Angel eyes cookies recipe with jam

Are you ready for the ultimate Christmas cookie? Try our delicious angel eyes made from shortbread and with fruity jam. They will delight your guests and make the party even more beautiful. Check out the recipe now!

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Belgian waffles

Belgian waffles are usually served warm with butter, syrup, whipped cream and other ingredients. They owe their delicious taste to their light texture and crispy crust. While the dough for normal waffles does not require resting time, Belgian waffle dough should be prepared a day in advance

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

American Chocolate Chip Cookies are simply irresistible when enjoyed warm or cold. Really no one can resist the delicious taste of these cookies. And the great thing about them: they are super easy to make, simple to prepare and keep fresh for several days in good conditions.

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Juicy brownies

Tips for extra moist and delicious brownies Brownies are truly one of the easiest baking recipes you can imagine. Nevertheless, there are also with them

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