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What is appassimento?

Immerse yourself in the world of Appassimento, an ancient Italian winemaking technique in which the grapes are dried for up to 4 months to produce more intense aromas and a higher alcohol content. Discover the fascinating history and unique character of Appassimento wines.

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Which Wine to Pair with Meat?

Discover the art of pairing wine with meat. From pork to game, we show you which wines go best with your favorite meat. Get inspired and find the perfect wine for your meat dish. Read the whole article now!

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From Novice to Wine Connoisseur: Deepen Your Knowledge of Wine!

There’s truth in wine, as the saying goes. But to uncover this truth, knowledge is required. The world of wine is diverse and multi-faceted. From the grape variety to the cultivation all the way to the proper storage – there are many aspects that shape the character of a wine. But where does one start if they want to delve into this world? This is exactly where the Wine Knowledge category on comes in. It offers you a solid foundation to understand the various dimensions of wine. With well-researched and solid articles on the most important topics around wine, your interest will be piqued and your understanding fostered.

In Vino Veritas? Wine Myths and Common Misconceptions

The wine world is rich in traditions and myths. Some are true jewels of wine culture, while others can lead us astray. With a hearty step towards the truth, we’ll unravel the great myths about wine together. Is the most expensive wine always the best? What’s behind the fear of the infamous number 13 on the wine menu? We’ll lift the veil and show you which myths hold a grain of truth and which can simply be dismissed as humbug.

Grape Varieties in the Spotlight: Character Profiles of Wine

Each grape variety is an individual with its own personality and history. From the elegant and mysterious Pinot Noir to the powerful and tannin-centric Cabernet Sauvignon, here you’ll get to know the stars of the wine world. We’ll sketch the portrait of each grape variety, explore their origins, their character, and the secrets they whisper in the vineyards and cellars.

Proper Wine Storage: The Path to Perfect Drinkability

A well-stored wine can be a heavenly experience, while a poorly stored wine quickly loses its magic. In the world of wines, time is both a friend and a foe. We’ll navigate through the pitfalls of wine storage, discover optimal conditions, and learn how the tooth of time shapes and moulds the wine.

Culinary Duets: Pairing Wine and Food Correctly

Wine is a social actor, capable of transforming a meal from good to great. But how do you find the perfect partner for a dish? Together we’ll explore the harmonious relationship between wine and food. We’ll play with flavors, textures, and sensations to find the pair that dances together, not against each other.

Welcome to Your Journey to Becoming a Wine Connoisseur

The knowledge about wine is an endless field, and we are here to turn every stone, answer every question, and explore the beauty and complexity of wine in all its facets. In the Wine Knowledge category of, you’re invited to embark on this journey, broaden your horizons, and experience, understand, and enjoy the art and science of wine.
This is your stage, your adventure, and the world of wine awaits to be discovered by you.