Orange liqueur

Mai Tai

The Mai-Tai is probably one of the most popular rum cocktails in the world. There are various legends surrounding its name and origin. In what is probably the best known story, Victor Bergeron (Tader Vic) is said to have invented it for two Tahitian friends in 1944. The latter were so delighted by the taste of the cocktail that they proclaimed Mai Tai Roa Ae, which loosely translated means: “The best, not of this world!”

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The history of the Sidecar Cocktail As with many classic cocktails, the exact genesis of the Sidecar is unknown. Based on its similarity to Brandy

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For true fans of the Sex and the City series, the Cosmopolitan is more than just a cocktail. The drink accompanied the protagonists Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte through all the situations of life in the early 2000s. With this recipe for a real cosmo, you can make it in no time. Probably the best cocktail for a sex-and-the-city marathon!

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